Body-Rub London Massage Extras
Realise, Refine & Receive

All the masseuses featured on Body-Rub London have extensive experience in all the extras listed below. You can add each Extra to your massage experience for £100 each. Many of the extras are included in our VIP Nuru Massage at no extra cost, so be sure to ask our receptionist about this unforgettable experience.
Read more about the VIP Nuru Massage.

Lingam Massage
Light Up Your Life and Lift Your Spirit

A popular specialty of Body-Rub London and one of our most therapeutic services, the Lingham (male sexual organs) Massage is an essential part of all our Tantric massage treatments and one that all of our Guests should experience to achieve optimum relief from stress and provide them with the vital focus that your busy lifestyle demands.

Our Lingham technique focuses on all areas (testicles, perineum, prostate and “wand”) so that our Guests can fully and completely relax and allow themselves to be transported to a Zen-like state of clarity, calm and confidence. Practiced faithfully for thousands of years the Tantric Lingham Massage technique is fundamental therapy that leads to a health inducing release and an ongoing relief from stress that will benefit your continued physical well-being both now and in the future.

Ask and you shall receive at Body-Rub London. Read more about the Lingam Massage Extra.


Yoni massage
The Crown Jewel of Female Pleasure

The female sexual organ is a pleasure center that is infinitely more sensitive, delicate and responsive than it’s male counterpart and arguably more powerful in it’s response. With our Body-Rub London Yoni Massage our therapists gently guide our Guests in the many subtleties and delights of how to master the Art of building energy and sensitivity, that will be a gift for every woman you meet. During this instructive and intimate learning experience. Even our most experienced Gentlemen Guests have expressed their enduring gratitude for this lesson in female power and pleasure and have taken full advantage in their newly discovered knowledge of the many subtle secrets bestowed upon them by our experienced Yoni Massage therapists.

Enjoy the mutual pleasure and enhance your world with a brand new passion for the female form with a generous Yoni Massage that will lead directly to your reciprocal satisfaction. Read more about the Massage Extra.


Prostate Massage
Go for the Gold with the Midas Touch

One of our healthiest and most satisfying massage experiences, the Body-Rub London Prostate Massage is a service that will lead to enhanced pleasure during its expert application and an intensified satisfaction that we are always eager to provide. Prostate massage is a therapeutic technique that requires experience, knowledge and an empathetic understanding of our Guest’s individual physical needs and conditions and then an expert touch to coax the optimum response to this most sensitive area of the male form. A response that can result in an intensified finish to a unique massage service.

Our Body-Rub London Therapists are all trained and have the proper experience to gently deliver this technique to our Guests with the proper amount of loving care and tenderness that allows for the experience to be one of prolonged and explosive pleasure. If you require a massage that is out of the ordinary and applied with skill 

and care just for you, then please treat yourself to the Body-Rub London Prostate Massage and enjoy its unique brand of release from stress and strain. Read more about the Prostate Massage Extra.


Bath Ritual
A Rare Treat for an Intimate Gentleman

Luxuriate in a warm, ceremonial bath of pleasure as you are served by the soft, loving caresses of our attentive mistresses of the exclusive Body-Rub London Bath Ritual. Lean back and allow your body to fully relax as our girls treat your entire body to the kind of loving, concentrated care that every man should experience but so very few do. This communal experience will include both of you slipping into an inviting, sensuous ceremony of enticing aromas, exciting oils, relaxing warm waters and soapy rub downs that will soothe every inch of your body even as you melt into the pure pleasure that will be your partner’s goal as she pours herself into this sumptuous service.

Your Body-Rub London Bath Ritual partner will gratify and satisfy as she chases the stress away from your day with this extravagant adventure into pleasure as she lavishes you with all the care and attention that your body needs and your mind desires. After your bath you’ll be pampered with more care and loving attention as she tends to your body and allows you to truly feel what it’s like to be served by a grateful and gracious Goddess of the bath.

Please consider yourself invited and always welcome to enjoy our Body-Rub London Bath Ritual.

We hope it’s a refreshing holiday for your spirit that you’ll want to revisit again and again. Read more about the Bath Ritual Massage Extra.


Reverse Massage
For The More Hands On Gentleman

Another Body-Rub London Exclusive for the delightfully generous Gentlemen who WE always look forward to meeting and serving. A Reverse Massage offers our Callers the opportunity to demonstrate their gentle but firm loving touch with our very appreciative staff and to explore and expand their massage skill in a relaxing atmosphere of privacy and decorum. Read more about the Reverse Massage Extra.


Mutual Massage
A Beautiful Dance of Give & Take

For the generous Gentlemen who enjoys Giving as much as Receiving, our grateful list of Mutual Massage Specialists will engage you with their gracious give-and-take touch that doubles the therapeutic energy and maximizes the mutual pleasure of this Body-Rub London Massage exclusive menu item. We firmly believe in mutual massage and are excited to introduce this treatment to all our lucky mutual massage novices as well as looking forward to enriching our reciprocal pleasure education with our more dedicated Clientele. A Body-Rub London Exclusive for the delightfully generous Gentlemen who we always look forward to meeting and serving. A Mutual Massage offers our Guests the opportunity to demonstrate their gentle but firm loving touch with our very appreciative staff and to explore and expand their massage skill in a relaxing atmosphere of privacy and decorum. Read more about the Mutual Touching Massage Extra.


You’re Ready Now.. Call Me (+44) 0777 356 0144

Are looking to explore your submissive side? to be guided on a heart racing adventure where you are the main character. Give in to your fantasy, I’ll massage you into submission and give you the rush of your fantasies. We are able to cater your massage to fulfill your fantasy so please call our open minded receptionist and she will help. You’re Ready Now.. Call Me (+44) 0777 356 0144


Four or Six Hands for your Massage?
For that Rare Gentleman who is Always Searching for More

A Gentleman that knows how to fully explore and experience it, when he finds “it”, our Body-Rub London Four or Six Hands Massage is a journey into hedonistic pleasure and satisfaction that you simply must indulge at least once in this lifetime. Read more about the Four or Six Hands for your Massage.