Yoni Massage
The Crown Jewel of Female Pleasure

Yoni Massage

The female sexual organ is a pleasure center that is infinitely more sensitive, delicate and responsive then its male counterpart and arguably more powerful in its response

With our Body-Rub London Yoni Massage our therapists gently guide our Guests in the many subtleties and delights of how to master the Art of building energy and sensitivity, that will be a gift for every woman you meet. During this instructive and intimate learning experience. Even our most experienced Gentlemen Guests have expressed their enduring gratitude for this lesson in female power and pleasure and have taken full advantage in their newly discovered knowledge of the many subtle secrets bestowed upon them by our experienced Yoni Massage therapists.

Enjoy the mutual pleasure and enhance your world with a brand new passion for the female form with a generous Yoni Massage that will lead directly to your reciprocal satisfaction.

Harness the Power of Yoni!

Rates for Extra:  100£

This can be added on top of the massage that you have chosen along with other extras which you can find in our Massage Extras page, and it’s 100£ extra. (Example: If you choose for one hour Tantric massage which is 200£ and you wish to add this extra then it’s 300£).

Please call our receptionist for more information or booking an appointment on (+44) 0777 356 0144