Four or Six Hands for your Massage?
Simultaneous Natural Choreography

Double your Excitement and Double your Pleasure

For that rare Gentleman who is always searching for more and knows how to fully explore it when he finds it, our Body-Rub London Four Hands Massage is a journey into hedonistic pleasure and satisfaction that you simply must Four Hands Massage Londonindulge in at least once in this lifetime.

Also referred to as our 2 Girl Massage, this technique literally doubles your pleasure as you’re graciously serviced by 2 experience and lovely Goddesses of massage.

They will envelope you entire body with their slow, sensual and erotic touch as they knead your flesh to its complete satisfaction.

Imagine if you will the warm, generous, loving bodies and passionate hands of 2 of our girls as they shower you with sensuous attention and loving care that will lift you into a realm of pure pleasure that will leave you breathless with gratitude and free of stress as you’ve never been before.

And for our return Gentlemen Guests seeking more of the same…allow our massage Goddesses an opportunity to explore your pleasure centers with a shared enthusiasm and creativity that will not only please but surprise you all over again.

Cloud 9 Awaits!

Rates for Four Hands (Two Masseuses):

Body to body massage is 600£(1h), 920£(90min) and 1200£(2h)

Tantric Healing massage is 800£(1h), 1200£(90 min) and 1600£(2h)

Tie and tease massage is 800£(1h), 1200£(90min) and 1600£(2h)

Nuru massage is 1000£(1h), 1480£(90min) and 2000£(2h)

Rates for Six Hands (Three Masseuses):

Body to body massage is 900£(1h), 1380£(90min) and 1800£(2h)

Tantric Healing massage is 1200£(1h), 1800£(90 min) and 2400£(2h)

Tie and tease massage is 1200£(1h), 1800£(90min) and 2400£(2h)

Nuru massage is 1500£(1h), 2220£(90min) and 3000£(2h)

Extras can be added on top of the massage that you have chosen along with other extras which you can find in our Massage Extras page, which cost an extra 150£ each for 2 masseuses and extra 200£ each for 3 masseuses.

They are also available for Prostate massage London massage, Yoni massage coaching and Reverse massage. Or if you’d like to have a Dinner Date with them followed by some of their special treats give us a call now and book your appointment with them.

Please call our receptionist for more information or booking an appointment on (+44) 0777 356 0144

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