Tie & Tease and assisted Shower London story by Body-Rub London

Michael’s Story (ft. Gemma and Jennifer and the “Tie & Tease” and Shower)

First time I’ve been nervous about a presentation in years. This is the biggest account that I’ve ever been responsible for. If I don’t nail this, I know I can kiss my marriage goodbye. Shelly will never stay with me if I don’t make good on this. I’ve already let her down too many times. Down…yeah. I need a pick me up. While I’m in the UK, I might as well sample some of the fine delicacies of this town. Hookers are not my thing, not even high class ones. I don’t want to get that intimate with anyone but my wife. But I wouldn’t mind some companionship, and it’s too late to go out. I need to be refreshed for the morning, and I’m not much of a bar or club person.

Let me see what a quick Internet search turns up for…massages. I walk over to the desk where my laptop sits glowing in the dimly lit room with some notes for my presentation frozen on the screen.  I’ve been going over them for the past few hours. Before I sit down, I see a handwritten note that was left near the back leg of the desk, lying on the plush soft-carpeted floor. This is a four star hotel, but it looks like housekeeping forgot something. The note says:
“Note to self: Tell Bob about Gemma from Body-Rub London…”

What’s this about? I thought. A sign from God? A quick Google search turns up the website. I am blown away; this looks like exactly what I need. There’s nothing like the soft touch of a woman to give a man the confidence he needs to walk into the boardroom and nail it. I called.

“Hello? This is Body-Rub London. How can I help you at the moment?” a beautiful sonorous sounding voice answered the phone.

“Yeah, I found out about you through a friend. I’d like to know if I can uh, get some services?

“Mm hm, yes sir. What would you like?”

“Gemma. Do you have an employee named Gemma? My friend recommended her.”

“Yes sir. First let me tell you about our featured services. Have you been to our website?”

“Yes, I have.” I browse for a few more minutes while she thoughtfully explains what services are offered. I’m getting nervous, hot, and sweaty. I need a shower. So that’s exactly what I order, with assertiveness, just like I need to be in my presentation tomorrow. But God, British accents are so hot. I feel

 myself getting aroused even from the woman’s voice on the phone.

“I’d like to have a massage from Gemma. 90 minutes.  I have a big day tomorrow, wanna get to bed early. Can they be here within the hour?”

“Why, yes sir, we can certainly make that happen for you. Gemma is available. She works alongside her flatmate, Jennifer. Would you like to have both of them perform their 90 minute Tie and Tease with shower sir? It’s a really special treat that I’m sure will leave you feeling fully restored for your big day. We’re already rooting for you.” I could tell she said it with a smile, and she sounds very sincere. If the receptionist is like this, I wonder what the masseuses will be like! It sounds like they really seem to understand what a man needs over there at Body-Rub London. I am getting harder by the minute, but I want to relax a little before they arrive. I don’t want to come off too eager. I prepare my mind by taking a few deep breaths. I think about my job. My erection immediately goes to about half of it’s original size.

I finish discussing payment arrangements with the receptionist. After that was finished, I sat and waited. I Watched a little tv, and then I heard a soft knock at the door.

I answer the door in my robe, since I decided I wouldn’t be getting dressed again. It seemed appropriate and the two radiant women standing in the doorway don’t seem to mind. No, in fact, as soon as I see them my body and mind is put at ease.

Gemma is a stunning, I mean drop dead gorgeous girl with a warm smile. Jennifer is sultry and statuesque, and her presence is soothing. They smile at me, greet me by name and wait to be welcomed in.

So professional and gracious. Gemma lights these small candles around the room and turns off the lights while Jennifer helped me relax even more by having me sit on the bed and she massages my shoulders, neck, and head. Gemma takes a small black bag with her into the bathroom, she turns on the water, it is steaming hot, and the room lightly smells of a sweet fragrance. I’m a guy, don’t ask me what scent it is, it just smells like a woman. I can’t say I don’t like it, and that it’s not adding to my overall arousal.

Jennifer and Gemma lead me into the shower. They have such wonderful chemistry together.

“Are you ready for some fun, Michael?” They call me by name, and it sounds so hot with their accents. I am blindfolded and rubbed with four hands from head to toe. They don’t leave one inch of my body untouched. Not one. I am beginning to be a very happy man. I don’t even think about work. While one was using the soap to caress my legs, thighs, and er, surrounding areas, another was using her hands to ease all of the stress and tension in my back, neck and shoulders. This is heaven! And the fun hasn’t even fully begun…

All of a sudden I am gently trapped between their 2 hot bodies, then my hands are tied behind my back. This was a kink I am not sure I am prepared for, but it comes as a part of the package, and I don’t want to leave England without having a little out-of-the-box experience. It can’t be all work and no play.

“Ohhhh..” I grunt as I felt a slight tickling with something soft around my balls…

“Ow!” I say between chuckles as it feel like I am being paddled….

Then, I feel a pair of soft soapy breasts against m

y chest as I feel firm small and gentle hands stroking my cock. She uses her hands to twirl around and around my dick. Her grip got tighter as she moved from the head to the shaft and back up again, twisting her tight hand all up the length of it. I am in a trance from that, and, I think it was Gemma, who was kneading the thick meat of my ass and lower back and the back of the my thighs, removing all of the tension, probably stored for years from standing on NYC subways. It feels so good. I feel like years of stress are being relieved.  And then I felt it, a rubber band snaps against my ass with a POP!

“God!’ I said, as Jennifer was speeding up her hand job, my ass was getting lightly spanked on either cheek and Jennifer even reached up to one of my nipples and pulled and pinched it while she was slickly soaping up my cock! God, it was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had to have all of these sensations at the same time! I can’t help it, and I know I’m going to explode soon.

“Sir, are you having fun? Mmmmm…Just relax Michael. It feels good, yes?” The girls moan and coo softly in my ear, but to me it sounds like a chorus of angels singing. When they reach the high note in my mind, my spray of jubilee lands all over Jennifer’s stomach, and Gemma is still behind me, caressing my back, shoulders and ass. Is it my imagination or are they breathing hard too? They both reach down to caress me from my feet to my legs, and Jennifer switched places with Gemma and unties my hands, which are only lightly tied anyway. I could have gotten out of it if I really wanted to, but come on. Would you?  They press their bodies against mine to have all of us get in the flow of the water and rinse off. The girls are also soaked and soapy. In a few more minutes, we are all clean.

I am laid down, and massaged by both the girls in a simultaneous rhythmic almost choreographed dance until I was almost falling asleep. Yet I feel completely energized and restored. And most importantly, I am ready for anything, let alone a presentation in a room full of men who wouldn’t nearly measure up to the beauty of these two dreams. They pamper and massage me, one at my head, one at my feet. When they are finished, they leave their warm womanly hands on me for a moment so as not to so abruptly break contact, and I am covered with a sheet. And then they thank ME, and leave the room. I can’t believe it. If they thanked me…they must have really enjoyed themselves too!

They are the sweetest most polite and professional women I had met in a while. I think I might leave that handwritten note there, or write my own: “Body-Rub London…Ask for Gemma AND Jennifer.”


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