tantric lingham massage London

tantric lingham massage

Ruby’s Outcall

Hi, I’m Ruby. Let me tell you a little bit of a story of a recent experience I’ve had with my client, Amir. It was an experience I’m sure he’ll not soon forget.

I’m in my apartment, preparing myself for my evening with Amir. I had seen him only once before, but he booked an simple afternoon tantric lingham massage with me, and it ended very happily.

Unfortunately, he could only do a short session at that time. Now he’s going to indulge in a little bit of a more intimate and lengthier experience, a tantric lingham massage along with a steamy bath and shower for a full 2 hours.

We are going to need it. Amir is a man who loves redheads and is very enthusiastic to have me as his companion whenever he’s in London.

We look so different: His brown skin against my alabaster complexion makes for a nice contrast. He loves to call me “Ruby Red” and jokes with me, saying I resemble Jessica Rabbit.

Amir has a sense of humour, I love that about him because he truly appreciates my special flavor I bring to the table for the entire experience.

The tantric lingham massage works with energy, and I utilize my femininity to make a man’s masculine energy come to a point of completion.

So when I met him downstairs in the bar for drinks of the luxurious Dorchester Hotel in London, we had a scintillating conversation which is always a big turn on for me and allows me to appreciate the mind of the man I’m spending my evening with.

I speak Russian as well as English, so we played around with that too. When we got back to his room, one of the beautiful Mayfair Suites, and that’s when I took over of the situation.

I allowed Amir to treat me very much like a lady while we had drinks so I enjoy being able to take care of him now. He seems very tired and so I have him relax on one of the plush sofas.

I pour him a glass of port that we had sent to the room. I light candles and turn on some soft music, tantric lounge. And then, he reclines and waits for the steamy bath and shower…

Amir continues to converse with me, and his voice is deep under the whoosh of the shower as I twist the knob of the hot water. It splashes against the smooth, light grey Italian marble. I let the water run and it fills up the bathtub as well.

My feet press against the cool tile as I let the steamy bath and shower water droplets envelop my voluptuous body in a nice haze that resembles London fog. I hang up my little black dress and reveal my surprise for Amir. He starts to tell me about tall the challenges that he goes through in the family oil business.

I tell him about the challenges finding bras to fit my 38GG bosom. He’s so grateful to have a woman like me, who’s intelligent, passionate, yet sensual and soft, who is available to help him relieve all of his stress.

I put on my silk robe and invite Amir into the steamy bath and shower with me, and I help take off his clothes. As his pants fall to the floor, I let my robe fall too, pick them up to hang them, letting him see my ass as I bend over.

He was in for a shock when he saw me in my red negligee that complimented my fiery red hair with my big plush breast spilling out.

He loved the way it looked straining against my skin, and I could tell he just wanted to bask in the beautiful sight of my body dipped in red lace.

I look at him like he is the most important man alive right now. And, I allow him to watch me undress, as I get into the bath with him. I slowly soap up the sponge and allow the suds to just pour and drip all over my body, with suds drenching my ample breasts and encircling my large pink nipples.

I had him sit in between my legs as I slowly soaped up his chest, in sudsy circles over and over again, and the soap matted with the hair on his chest and it looked very manly and masculine and sexy.

He loved the way that my breasts felt like two large pillows behind his back that gave him comfort and ease, and I massaged his neck and shoulders to ease more of his tension and he just loved it.

I reach down, beginning the tantric lingham massage, rubbing Amir’s penis gently and slowly, feeling it grow in my hands as the blood rushed to fill it up. As I begin to stroke him from shaft to head, with deeper strokes every time, he is in the most ecstatic bliss he has ever experienced. He throws his head back and groans loudly “Aahhhhh!”

With that animalistic roar, he let the stress from the entire day, the week, maybe even his entire life out of his body. This is the power of the tantric lingham massage. He was reaching the point of orgasm and he said my name, “RUBY!” and after that, and he couldn’t speak at all.

He just groaned and moaned and I comforted him and let him know that it was okay to come, that I wanted him to come for me.

I get up and the shower is where he’s rinsed off, and I rub my body all over his. The shower oil leaves a nice silky touch to the skin, and when I get out I rub the oil all over my body.

I allow him to watch me do this. I can’t believe that I get to make men feel this good. We talked a little bit more as I massage his back, lower back, his arms, legs, and feet. He was able to finally fall into a very deep sleep right there in my lap. Afterwards I left him a sweet note, saying

I’ll will be here for you, anytime you need me. Just call.

-Tantric Kisses, Ruby


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