Nicole’s story for London Nuru massage

tantric massage baker streetI never thought I would be in this line of work, but I certainly know how to make a man feel like he’s on the verge of total explosion.

A tantric nuru massage for 2 hours is complete with a steamy bath, and I can tell you right now there’s nothing like helping a man bathe!

I’m going to take you hour by hour, and walk you through what it might be like to experience a tantric nuru massage with Nicole. Would you like that?

7:00 PM

You’ll walk in and I will invite you to have a drink with me if you prefer. It can be alcohol or not, but it’s nice just to loosen you up a bit. You’ll notice that my apartment is neat, clean, and very feminine with minimal clutter. I do it for myself, but I know men have an eye for these things too.

I will have you undress and I will do the same, maybe revealing a sweet pink negligee underneath my dress. Sometimes, I may even decide to be completely nude, it just depends on my mood- and every woman is entitled to having a mood.

Speaking of mood, I will have dim lights or candlelight to create an ambience of pleasure, and play very light tantric music that will help you relax, meditate, and get you into the space of opening up and letting me fulfil your tantric nuru massage desires.


I’m going to have you take a light shower, because I just wanna make sure that you’ve washed off the day. We’re getting deeper and deeper into relaxation, with water rushing over your body and mine, you’re letting your worries of the day flow down off of your body and away forever…

After that, I’m going to dry you off and have you lay down on the massage mattress. I will rub myself down with the tantric nuru massage gel which is complete with a slippery nori seaweed that the massage oil is named for. I’m going to get you warmed up….rubbing your entire body from head to toe.

To get you more relaxed and into the next level of relaxation I’m gonna do the same for myself, and I will let you watch me…

But please don’t touch…that’s my job 😉


I’ll start with slow strokes going from your lower back to your shoulders and out to your arms, and I’m going to turn around and do the same to your legs, just to get you used to my soft, feminine touch and to the slipperiness of the oil.

Then I’m going to lay my entire body on top of you, letting all of my womanly curves rub all over your manly parts. Are you feeling aroused and relaxed at the same time? It’s a feeling that I’m sure you’ve never experienced before and can’t wait to experience again.


Now that I’ve done the initial parts of the massage, I need to go deeper to make sure that you experience the most relaxation possible. So, I’m spreading more nori oil all over our bodies and I will ask you where is the place that you need the most relief. I’m still going to start with your back and rub the back of your thighs, and even your penis, your bum, your ass. Some sensations will be soft, others will be felt deeper in the tissues.

I’ll slide my body all over yours then when I turn you around I’ll use my breasts to massage your face, which can be very healing for a man because women have all the nurturing in their breasts. My breasts will to continue to rub all up and down your body, your chest, your abs, and of course, the very special place between your legs.

Then we can continue to play and you can tell me how good it feels, or say nothing at all. I’ll feel your moans as a vibration in your body. I’ll use slow sensuous movements and maybe even just lay there and res t on top of you for a while just to let all of my body heat and feminine energy and essence can just sink into yours. Then I will turn around and use my hands to massage your ankles and your legs and get the circulation flowing and moving, healing you on a very deep level.


At this point you’ve gotten so much of what you need from me right now. Although I didn’t allow you to come all the way, I’m telling you to redirect your energy up and breathe very deeply.

The steamy bath is last and I have a special treat for you. I’ll get up and have you follow me to the bath and have you rest awhile. I’ll put essential oils in the bath water and make sure its dimly lit by candle light and the smells and the aromas will heal you as well.

You’ll step into the water and be completely relaxed, almost in a state of deep trance. I will sit on your lap in the steamy steamy bath and ride you make sure all the oil i s off of your penis and testicles then I will lay back and take your hands and caress my breasts so you can get more of the healing energy from them. You will breathe into my neck, Then I will face you, steamy bathe you, caress your face, wash off of the slippery tantric nuru massage nori oil, I’ll reach down and stimulate you many times and take you to the verge, then I’ll sedate you and relieve my pressure. You’ll go the edge many times, I’ll do this massaging your penis and perineum over and over again, alternating between each space, and sometimes caressing both at the same time. You’ll look into my eyes, (if you can keep them open)…until you come all into the water.


Then I’ll get up rinse you and myself off with a refreshing cold rinse. You feel renewed and rejuvenated, don’t you? I loved taking care of you this evening…I hope you enjoyed your tantric nuru massage with Nicole. I hope the intensity of my eyes and the so ftness and sincerity of my touch made you feel like the wonderful man you are.


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