1.Are they really independent?

Yes. All our masseurs are fully independent providers who work closely with our service for scheduling services and professional accommodations and opportunities.

2.Are they professional?

Of course. Each of our Massage Therapists is a trained and experienced provider with a professional resume. In addition, we insure a professional level of privacy and discretion to all our guests and so we do expect reciprocal conduct.

3.Is it really them in the pictures?

Yes. Although our providers are not full-time employees and enjoy a certain amount of personal and style freedom, we strive to update our photos to maintain an always accurate roster of our providers.

4.If I pay extra, would I get a full service or other extras?

Body-Rub London providers will never add or offer “extras” and do not engage in negotiations.

5.Is touching allowed?

Of course. Our therapeutic service allows for an adult level of mutual touching as long as all professional boundaries are respected. Please direct any and all inquiries to your masseuse prior to your session so that your private, individual understanding is complete.

6.Do I have to tip my masseuse?

Gratuities are strictly voluntary. Of course our providers are always grateful for your generosity.

7.Can I change my appointment?

Within limits. Please allow for a 24 hour advance when rescheduling. Of course we understand that emergencies do occur and are willing to extend our grace period for our trusted guests on a case-by-case basis.

8.What happens if I cancel the massage or don’t show up?

Please respect our professional boundaries and our “Terms of Use”. Cancellations and failures to provide proper 24 hour notification will result in penalties.

Our masseurs must be compensated for all travel expenses when in transit and cancellations within an hour of the scheduled period will result in immediate forfeit of the full fee. In addition, wanton disregard for our professional service may result in blacklisting.

9.Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards at this time. Please make all transactions completely in cash only, at the beginning of your session.