independent masseuse london

At Body-Rub London we eagerly anticipate providing the finest, most refreshing and rejuvenating service to all our Gentlemen Guests and so we do hope that all our Guests will strive to be well mannered Gentlemen of taste and refinement before, during and after our discreet and exclusive private sessions.

Privacy, discretion and properly adult decorum are a vital part of our professional service to you and we do hope that our time together will be mutually respectful as well as pleasurable.

Proper manners and good hygiene are important elements of our professional service and our providers do expect the same of our guests so please be mindful and considerate so that our enthusiasm remains at our usual and appropriately high level throughout your visit and onto the next.

Please also remember that Outcall services face additional scheduling challenges and please provide a healthy, positive atmosphere for your private sessions with our providers.

At Body-Rub London there will never be any additional fees requested, “extras” added or offered and so our providers do not and will not engage in negotiations.

Please respect our professional boundaries. We do ask therefore that all appropriate transactions are completed at the beginning of our sessions so that we can move directly to providing the generous service we hope will leave you eager to return.

Please see our FAQ page for any additional inquiries.

Thank you.