Dinner with Benefits Evening


 For our tasteful Gentlemen Guests who want to fully relax and leisurely enjoy a luxurious evening with the bright, stunning and charming companion of their choice capped off by an enthusiastic full body treatment that will make your night truly memorable.

Our gracious, engaging massage Goddesses are always seeking opportunities to spend time with witty and wonderful Gentlemen of substance and are forever grateful for the chance to share this most special occasion with a refined and cultured Gentleman who deserves the finest in our gracious and giving therapy that will be the perfect, delicious and delightful dessert to your evening’s feast.

We guarantee that your Dinner with Benefits Evening will be capped off by a massage “dessert” that will leave a happy smile on your face and a warm memory in your heart.

Choose your masseuse and be King for a Night and allow Us to serve You.

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